What monies the younger you sets aside will look after you when you retire…

Must Do That…

For many of us, retirement planning is one of those things that we tend to put off until later. In our twenties, it gets put off because we’re just starting our career and trying to scrape together a deposit for our first home.

Children arrive, along with childcare bills, during our thirties, so it gets put off again. Our forties and a good part of our fifties are spent educating those children, so funding for retirement is put off once again, however, we do begin to think about it more.

Then one day your fifty-something or just-gone-sixty self is startled by the realisation that the only one who’s going to provide for you in your retirement is you.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late.

Funding Through Work…

Then again, for some of us retirement funding has been part and parcel of our standard terms of employment throughout our career. We find that we are members of one or more pension schemes, organised and administered by one or more employers that we have worked for over the course of a decades long career.

At some point before retirement you will face one or possibly both of the following situations:

  • As you get closer to retirement age you will need to figure out how to consolidate and manage your membership(s) of one or more pension schemes to ensure provision of a steady income once you retire.
  • Fifty is behind you, those children may still be in full-time education, and you get a tap on the shoulder to say that due to corporate restructuring, which requires some element of downsizing, your position is surplus to requirement.

When you find yourself facing either of these situations, it’s vitally important that you get sound advice before you make any decisions about what to do with the retirement fund that you have built up over the course of your working life.

Getting Advice…

Irrespective of whether you are already funding for a pension though work or have yet to start, before you can make any decisions about how best to proceed, you should consider the following formula:

Informed Decision = Information X Advice

Information – Relevant information about funding options  for your retirement.

Advice – Best advice – better known as sound advice – is deciding and agreeing on the options that are best suited to your needs and circumstances.

We can provide you with both the information and advice that will put you in a position to make an informed decision.

Right Time?